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RAW PLAY (Car mode)

RAW PLAY (Car mode)



RAW PLAY, PROStream, AirPlay, dlna & Bluetooth

AirPlay & Bluetooth

AirPlay & Bluetooth

RAW PLAY, PROStream, AirPlay, dlna & Bluetooth

RAW PLAY, PROStream, AirPlay, dlna & Bluetooth

RAW PLAY, PROStream & Bluetooth

RAW PLAY, PROStream & Bluetooth

Net Radio


Recreate lossless audio source up to 192kHz/24bit Hi-Res media

Wi-Fi p2p, Wi-Fi networking, NFC & Bluetooth connectivity techonlogy

Digital transmission end-to-end  without Sample Rate Conversion




Software Defined Streams

Advanced  firmware upgrade Over-The-Air

On The Move

Bluetooth helps driver free from wires, but it was designed for personal use one-by-one. Especially, there is no way to enjoy exactly the same quality as traditional disc due to constrain of narrower bandwidth. CD for sure is a better audio source; However, it's not convenient at all compared to streaming. Streamer is a perfect combination without ANY tradeoff. It bridges phones to car stereo over Wi-Fi directly without the need of a Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth. Everyone inside the vehicle (even back seat passengers) can playback and share music directly instead of exclusive and pre-paired Bluetooth device. While streaming is ongoing though Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, internet applications are always accessible through 3G/LTE at the same time. So let's leverage Streamer as audio companion in automotive and leave in-vehicle Bluetooth as driver's exclusive handsfree. In the future, a long driving is getting attractive as a fantastic live concert is ready on your journey.

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Hi-Res over the Air

No need for a Wi-Fi network.
With Wi-Fi & BT, it sounds much better!

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